At Spine & Sports Wellness Clinic, we work with you to treat and heal the whole body, which includes treating autoimmune disorders, food allergies, or environmental reactions. Going through life with undiagnosed disorders or allergies can be frustrating when you have a reaction and can also lead to more severe health problems if not cared for properly. Discovering what may be causing your reactions is the first step to living a better, stress-free life. To help you achieve this, we conduct specialized tests to identify any autoimmune disorders, food allergies, or environmental allergies you be affected with.

Diagnosing autoimmune disorders

Diagnosing autoimmune disorders takes time and patience, but with specialized tests, we are now able to efficiently discover these disorders faster than ever. To begin the testing process, we may ask about your medical history as well as a few questions about your lifestyle so we can better understand what issues you may be experiencing and how we can best help you. After your initial consultation, we may order blood tests to further study your condition. These blood tests will be used to identify any unusual antibodies in the blood as well as elevated inflammation levels. The results of your blood test will help us narrow down what autoimmune disorders you have been suffering from. By attaining a better assessment of your physical health and learning more about your symptoms, we can create a treatment plan that works best for you and your lifestyle.

Diagnosing food and environmental allergies

Using specialized allergy tests, we are able to help you narrow down what food or environmental substances your body may be having an allergic reaction to. Food and environmental allergies can be hard to self-diagnose simply because of how many substances we come into contact with on a daily basis. During our tests and assessments, we use various skin or blood tests and may apply an incredibly small amounts of each allergen to test your reaction.

Skin testing is more common for allergies. Using tiny pin pricks and a meticulous labeling system, we take a small patch of skin, label it for different allergens, and then apply the allergens in small doses. These pin pricks will allow us to track which allergens your body reacts to without causing a large scale reaction. Removing these food and environmental allergens from your daily routine will allow you to feel better and live a happier, healthier life.

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