What are Balance Trackers?

Balance tracking systems use a balance board and force plate to measure a patient’s balance. These boards are built by using force plates so that when you stand on the board, it measures how much force you are exerting on the plate across the different areas of the foot. While balance trackers and force plates can easily be found and cheaply made, the balance trackers that are used in chiropractic and neurological offices offer far better tracking and diagnostics capabilities.

The balance system is designed to give us objective evidence that your therapies are working. By using the balance tracker, you can follow along with your balance or vestibular therapy and tracking your improvement along the way. These diagnostic tools and the additional information the balance tracker allows us to customize your treatment plan and alter it as you improve to ensure you are achieving the best results you can.

Balance Testing

Balance disorders are conditions that affect your balance when sitting or standing, making you feel dizzy. If you are suffering from balance issues, we may suggest balance testing. These physical balance tests will help us better determine the root cause of your balance issues and help identify the best treatment for your needs.

As we age, our bodies will naturally experience slight misalignments due to behaviors such as sleeping positions or poor posture. These misalignments can also occur from overuse or injury and ultimately lead to imbalances that cause greater balance issues, soreness, and severe pain.

To address these issues, balance testing can be conducted in our office at Spine & Sports Wellness Clinic. Using a balance tracking system allows us to receive a full readout of how you are balancing your body and where your body is planting the most force.

Determining how your body is currently balanced will allow us to recommend and prescribe physical adjustments or exercises to help rebalance your body. The force plate in the balance board takes the diagnostic information from your session and compiles that information into a useful report for you and your chiropractor to assess. By using these reports, we can tailor your treatment and also document your improvement over time.

The Vestibular System

Your vestibular system includes the parts of the brain and inner ear, which process information involved in controlling your balance and eye movements. When the vestibular system is injured, your ability to balance may be affected. Vestibular disorders can be caused by a traumatic injury, side effects of medication, disease, or age. The most common symptoms of vestibular disorders are vertigo and balance issues. Through therapy and chiropractic care, we are able to help treat the vestibular system by reducing your vertigo and balance symptoms.

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