Justin M. on Google

Dr. Vennell and the staff are excellent. I have been to numerous chiropractors, doctors, and neurologists. Dr. Vennell was the only one who took the time to listen to me, and genuinely wanted to help me get better. He spent numerous hours with me one on one, researched my symptoms, and created a personal plan for me. I have progressed more in the last 6 months with Dr. Vennell than in the last 5 years with other doctors. Most importantly Dr. Vennell and the staff treat you like family.

Andrew S. on Google
I have a condition called Psueto Tumor. I have severe and Chronic pressure headaches constantly. I’ve been to neurosurgeons, neurologists, specialists, OD’s, and other chiropractors. None have been able or willing to help me. I’ve had pressure headaches for 15 years. Dr Vannell has done more research in the past 11 visits, and has done more to correct my body and spinal fluid flow causing the head aches to decrease daily. He is an awesome doctor who will do what he can to help heal you naturally. Thanks Doc for all you’re doing!

Connie M. on Google
Dr. Vennell and his staff have been amazing! I was extremely nervous to let anyone adjust my 6 month old. After our sessions with Dr. Venelle, she is colic free and all her reflux issues are pretty much gone!! It has been such an amazing transition and such a better quality of life with a happy well adjusted baby!

Charlotte A. on Google
I have been so pleased with the work that Dr. Mike has done for me. He’s not satisfied to treat just the symptom but he seeks to find the root cause of the problem and treat from that point. I am much improved from my first visit and am confident that I will continue to good health and feeling great all the time! Thanks, Dr. Vennell and very nice staff!

Aurthur B. on Google
As a chiropractor, I am very selective were I get my adjustments. Dr Mike Vennell has been adjusting me for years. I look forward to my adjustment every time I am in Amarillo. I highly recommend Dr. Mike. You will not find a chiropractor with more knowledge, skill and passion to heal patients. He is truly one of the BEST!

Charity C. on Google
Infertility and miscarriages were our reality just a year ago. We tried for 2 years and lost 2 babies in the process, the last being a year prior. It was so frustrating because there was nothing “medically” wrong with neither my husband nor I. We wanted to try something different since the fertility drugs just weren’t cutting it. That’s when I found Dr. Vennell. I called his office and within 20 minutes, he personally called me back. He took a brief history of our situation and we were sitting in his office the next day. He had already created a plan of care for us and we started that very day. Within 6 weeks, I was pregnant and am now currently holding our sweet 2 month old child. I truly believe God put Dr. Vennell in our lives and am so thankful for everything he has done for us.